Luxury Pedicures


Traditional Pedicure (40 mins)

experience a softening soak, nai l& cuticle care, light callous work, foot massage, warm towel and polish.

Boutique Pedicure (50 mins)

Traditional + flavored lotion & exfoliation + extended foot and leg massage + extra callous care.

Spa-bulous Pedicure (60 mins)

Luxurious therapy. Experience the Boutique Pedi + customized mask + even longer foot massage +
meticulous callous attention.

Add-Ons & Features

  • Make it a Hot Stone Pedicure

  • French Polish

  • Al a cart Callous Removal

  • By eliminating the maze of pipes that
    are hidden beneath ordinary pedicure
    chairs, our SANIJET Pipeless TM
    Pedicure Thrones eliminate stagnant
    water that can become a breeding
    ground for harmful bacteria. Thus,
    your treatment is clean and sanitary.

  • Get a Mani & Pedi and Save 5%


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